Friday, December 23

Christmas' Eve's Eve

Sometime, when I've got a list of things to remember to do as big as a mile is long, I become manic, chaotic, and down right panicked.

Sometime, when my living room rug screams to be vacuumed, but falls at the very bottom of the above mentioned list, I buckle under the weight of the season and can't think of any reason, not to bundle the kids up, lace up my own boots, and go play outside.

And sometime… When it's the eve of Christmas eve…the snow is falling outside in the most enchanting way, and the finishing touches are being put on the last of a few holiday gifts, I allow myself to get overwhelmed by the greatest of it all.

I have been very conscious today of my now… blame it on the spirit of Christmas but there was this calm but excited energy in our house. A feeling that mirrored all the big things this weekend will bringing with it, but a subtle humbleness that pulsed throughout the day. Is still echoing within our walls and I can only hope that it will carry over, with an even flow as long as it can.

{This is Calvin's recipe book we had to follow, which is not something he gets from me}

To me it's Christmas' eve's eve, that I focus on throughout the year.  It's when the excitement can really flow, because school is on break, extra all's are on a standstill , the reason to deny all the outside pulls, is never more accessible … the 'too soon to start most thing, to late to do others' limbo'd stress is over and I strive to somehow manage to pull off a balance for productivity and play. Kicking off all the most magical time of the year right.

{Coat peanuts with equal parts butterscotch & chocolate chips that are melted together… Mom calls them Peanut Clusters… The kids and I renamed them as Reindeer Evidence}

I'm happy with the balance of today, I can only hope to repeat it tomorrow when the games official begin, but until then, I'll continue to allow She & Him's Christmas album, rock my world right around the Christmas Tree, refuse to acknowledge the amount of candy the kids have eaten, fuel the giddiness that already simmers in my belly with some Christmas cheers, and declare "Kiss me it's Christmas!" until I can't declare it no-mo'.

Tomorrow's list is still long, but I'm feeling as prepared as ever for Santa's arrival, which is more worrisome than I would have thought…. but for now… we wish you a magical weekend from our home to yours.

Merry Christmas friends!


Josh Berry said...

And that's how you make...peanut clusters

Anonymous said...

How many ounces is that ball mason jar? if i may know please... =]

Sam said...

I don't know! I call them "small pickle jars", but I'm pretty sure they are pints.

Jeni Poignant said...

Where did you find the shot size Baileys? I've been looking everywhere!

Sam said...

Hey Jeni, I got my from our local Hannaford. I asked the manager if they could order me the mini shooters. I also grabbed a few from the liquor store. They had them on display in one of their aisles. Good luck!

Jeni Poignant said...

T you so much!

Nicole A. Sloka said...

Do you have the instructions for the adult hot cocoa? How much mix do you use? add anything lse to the mix? Thank you!

Sam said...

Hey Nicole, I just used whatever was instructions were on the back of the hot coco mix… figured that the bailey's depended on taste… the jars I used held two servings of hot coco according to the container… some jars I attached two shooters. My suggested "Adult consumption" ratio would be one shooter per one serving.

Anonymous said...

Hi, love this idea. Buzzfeed just posted it in a roundup of holiday DIY food gifts and gave credit to a ripoff blog.

Anonymous said...

I love the name "Reindeer Evidence"! :)

Laura said...

Could you add chocolate chips to the adult hot chocolate?


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